‘World of Systems’ On Tour

So, I’ve managed to convince the fine humans of Software Acumen to let me run some workshops on systems thinking. They’ll be about 90 minutes long and will cover the origins of systems dynamics and systems thinking, lots of good stuff about cognitive biases, why we act so stupid in large organisations and some practical exercises to create your own systems pictures and overcome (a few) cognitive biases.

It’s mostly the kind of stuff I’ve been doing with this and this.

If you’re in product or service design and you’re interested in taking in new perspectives, this is for you.

Agile in the City Birmingham 2017 30–31st March 2017 at thestudio

UX in the City Manchester 2017 4-5th May 2017 at thestudio

Agile in the City London 2017 15–16th June 2017