About me

I’m an independent digital service designer, innovation consultant and inventor of new products and services. I’ve been doing things along these lines for around 15 years.

I built my first website in 1997 for Elbow. They paid me in beer. Just one.

I am interested in helping organisations create new capabilities to further their purpose. Sometimes these might be new products and services, sometimes they may be internal process innovations or optimising of existing experiences.

Work history

Currently I’m helping Adaptive Labs develop some new products for clients in the telco and finance industry. Before that I was at Made by Many for 4 1/2 years, where I’ve helped BBC News, adidas and itv to develop new products and services. Before that I worked at digital marketing agency JPMH where I helped Nestlé and BlackBerry to develop marketing campaigns. Before that I worked at a string of different digital agencies designing and building things for Sky, Cancer Research, Michelin and many others. And then before that there wasn’t really such thing as the Internet.


This is all the stuff you could hire me to do which I think I’m quite good at.

  • presenting – slides, no slides, I don’t mind
  • customer development – interviewing people, paper and experience prototyping, segmentation, developing product/market fit
  • facilitating collaboration – workshops that don’t suck, that people enjoy being in and want to get involved in
  • prototype hackingputting together basic ideas into something cohesive, using HTML, JavaScript, paper, card. I’ve done this for Sky, itv, Channel4, UKTI.
  • proposal writing  – I’ve written proposals and recommendation documents for lots of big companies, like adidas, BBC, Channel4, Three, Experian.
  • data and analytics – I can quite happily spend a whole day looking at patterns and developing hunches in ComScore, Google Analytics or KISS Metrics.

In addition to this I make awesome condiments, raise 4 children and play guitar in an excellent band called Mantraluna.