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The inverted pyramid pitch

I came across this YouTube Hyundai ad recently featuring Anna Crilly.

Because you can skip after 5 seconds, they delivered something funny immediately, like delivering the punchline of a joke first or showing the best line of a film before playing the whole thing.

It’s not just a 30-second spot for TV that had been put onto the web, it was a 4 minute demonstration video with funny bits in it, proper web-native. There’s no laborious narrative or backstory, it’s just a product demonstration. I found it refreshing to just be told all about the car and what it can do. So often we get narratives and backstories forced down our throat, whether we want to hear them or not.

It reminds me of the way in which Kickstarter pages are incredibly detailed and long. You don’t have to be completist about it, you can just read and read until you’re convinced or you decide it’s not for you. They just prioritise the emotional pull first and then they deliver more and more of the functional stuff the more you watch or read.