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The LEGO movie

The LEGO movie is really good, I went to see it on Saturday with Wilf (he loved it too). It’s funny and creative and reminds kids of the purpose of LEGO again. Of course, LEGO just wants to sell more LEGO. But it’s important because LEGO is a ‘system of play for children’ which, in recent years has actually become more of a ‘system for exploiting lucrative franchise opportunities’ (a la Star Wars and Harry Potter).

I love LEGO and I love the story of how they rescued their business from fuzzy thinking in the 90s by focusing on what LEGO really is– a system of play. And this movie is all about re-affirming that.

And yes it’s one long epic advert for that system, but like any advertising, if it’s good and the product is good, it’s good.