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Four Tet – Beat It

Here’s Kieren Hebnen making a beat out of Michael Jackson’s Beat It from vinyl in 10 minutes. It’s pretty brilliant.

It struck me that, in the 60s and 70s, music was so much about showmanship, skill and musicianship; epic 6 minute solos and playing guitars with your teeth. There’s obviously still a lot of that about, but since punk, being good at stuff is very often a disadvantage. Skill is so often seen as just trying too hard. Punk created a real distaste of musicianship. But I think Kieren manages to pull off something in between here- it’s essentially a very skilful thing to do but he manages to do it in a really laid back, paired down way. He’s not even using a keyboard.

I love it the way you can see the bits he’s really enjoying when he starts to nod his head. Looks like he’s using Ableton Live.

▶ Beat This Episode 19 FOUR TET – YouTube.